Jay (jaywright) wrote,

i do weird things

I live in a shitty little town where everyone knows everyone else. Now, don't get me wrong, I dont believe in god or anything, but a couple weeks ago I got pressured in to joining a church choir (methodist church that is).

This sounds strange, and it is, but it is actually one of the more enjoyable things that I do in more boring life right now. What happened is that I was at work late one night and as I was leaving I saw a lady that I work with standing across the street smoking (outside of the methodist church) so I went over to see what she was still doing around at this time. She said that she was actually at choir practice. She then invited me in to have coffee and watch them sing. I thought, sure that would be fun because I can always go for some good coffee, and church music just makes me feel even greater.

Well, one thing led to another and the next thing I know the pastor is setting me up with my very own microphone and forcing ("asking") me to sing in the church choir with them. Now, I am no Luke Forshaw, and I havent ever actually sung in any kind of a choir. But I quickly learned to apply the notes I read to what came out of my mouth, and now it is actually kind of fun. I probably would never have volunteered for this, nor would I likely do it if I had the choice again, but I can't say that it has been a bad experience--plus I am starting to get the fear of god put back into me :)

Anyway that's about all, except for now they want me to do a solo. I think they are really starting to push the limits on their forced friendship with me, but I am pretty easy going so I will probably end up doing it even though it is really lame.

That's about it... I'll tell you more about the dart team I got swindled in to joining another time. For now, I should proabbly get back to work.
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