Jay (jaywright) wrote,

Utah Dem Primary

Arright, today is the day for Utah. I am gonna go over to one of the primary locations and see if I can vote again. I already sent in my ballot for CT primaries (for Kucinich of course), but I wanna see if I can swindle the system and vote in two primaries. I hope that I can because that would kick ass. Hopefully they do not require a social security number to voe, otherwise I am fuct. However, Utah does not even require you to be a registered voter in order to vote in the primaries, so I would say that there is a pretty fair chance of my being able to trick the elections.

So one last call for everyone to VOTE FOR DENNIS KUCINICH!!! This may be your last chance. Why waste your vote on the front runner?? Nothing democrats do in Utah counts or makes any difference anyways, so you all might as well vote for who REALLY is the best candidate, and at least take a god damned stand for once in your life.

To read more about Dennis Kucinich and why he should run the world go to www.kucinich.us. He is seriously stupendous. The greatest thing to run for government office since Ralph Nader.

Aight, check Ya'll later
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Deleted comment

seriously, no child left behind is bullshit.
ahah totally, dude... you gonna vote for him next week? i voted absentee n shit
he's anti-electronic-voting-booths. like the unibomber.
whoa, i didn't see this before.

i love kucinich and jay.
thank you for finally realizing it!