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LiveJournal is RElive-journal


So I haven't thought about LJ in AGES. Especially since the spaces and the faces took over my Internet life (even though I hate both of those things too.)

But so I log in to LJ for the first time in awhile because a friend left me a new comment on one of my old blogs! Anyway, I logged in to check that comment, and that started me reading back through all my old, weird entries. This made me realize a few things:

1) LiveJournal never dies. It's like a time-capsule for all the weird emotions you were feeling and all the events and shitty days that you forgot about.  All these things that you thought were LONG GONE and all the problems you had, music you loved, friends you hung out with are not long gone at all, but preserved forever on this fucking site.

2) I'm a weirdo. I have written some reaaaally strange entries in the past. It's weird to reread them because it makes me think that I was a lot more depressed and strange than I remember being!

3) I'm pretty much glad that I don't write on here anymore. Even though it is interesting to be able to come back on here after SIX fucking years and reread all this old shit.. some things are just not meant to be relived. Some things are better off dying with their age and taking their place firmly in the past. Also, I don't really have the urge to express my feelings on this kind of a public forum anymore.

Anyway.. that being said, and keeping with form, here's one for the time capsules: I still hate America, I still hate women (maybe just less passionately), nothing all that awesome is happening right now, and you NEED to check this shit out: the sunshine plays the puddles through the mornings, evenings, afternoons... I count my thoughts with coffee spoons
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