Jay (jaywright) wrote,

I live in Wyoming

This is fucking ridiculous. It has been snowing for fucking like 4 days straight. The forecasted "high" temperature today is -5 degrees Faranheight. The forecasted low is only -9 degrees, which would be cool, except for the fact that it is currently -11 degrees outside. With the windchill it is supposed to feel more like -30 to -40 degrees.

How did I end up in this arctic tundra hell hole again?
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Just where in Wyoming do you live? I live in Fort Collins Colorado...it's fairly close to wyoming. I hope you don't live in Rawlings...that would suck.
No, thank GOD I dont live in Rawlins. But I do live in a shitty little town called Douglas, which is about 175 miles north of Ft Collins! Ft Collins is a cool town, how long have you lived there?
Wow, it's colder in WY than AK -- though, I think it is only appropriate that you be asking "why" since you live in "WY". I just came up with that one, I'm sure it's original. har har har.
yo d000000d its Marshall. yall best be addin me or sumfin. unless yall wanna get delt wif...
Holy shit! Marshall! It's been like over a year since I have used LJ. But, it couldn't be nicer to see your lovely face on here ;-)
Just kidding, I'm too lazy to use another thing.

And, I'm sad you stopped writing since you moved to CoolTown.

I love this, Jay, because I love the photos of you on here.

Anyway, creep ya later, sk8er.
I know! LJ just kinda slipped through the cracks since the Spaces and the Faces took over! I guess I just don't ever get the urge to express my deepest darkest emotions publicly anymore :)

My pics are very awesome though, as they are from high school which was the height of my coolness.

Love, Jay!