Jay (jaywright) wrote,

I got invited to be a mason

This guy at work just invited me to come join the freemasons. Thats kinda weird. I have always wanted to know what that shit is all about, so maybe I should do it as like a spy just to discover things. I dunno though, it kinda creeps me out. Plus he said the only requirement to join is that you have to believe in god. oh well, i guess i could just lie. Shit, after I do this it'll be cake getting through the mormon temple.

square and compass for life man
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Freemasons! So, back in my high school days, my friends and I arranged for a tour of the Salt Lake City Mason temple. It was pretty cool, some of the rooms are pretty cool and most of them are themed (the Egyptian room, etc). It really just seems like a laid back fraternity (minus any crazy antics) and most of the people seemed to be older (the whole place smelled like old people...and had furniture that you would see in one of the Godfather movies). I guess they do give Bibles away often as gifts for various occations, but you don't have to be a Christian...supposedly.
So, you could be a member of a very old organization and be accused of lots of conspiracies and be buried in your Masonic robes...what could be better?
Do you know this guy well?
no, i dont know gim all that well, he's a little weird anyway. But I was just reading about all sorts of crazy shit with the masons and washington dc. it's nuts. I will be assisting in bringing the new world order to life. crazy shit
Oh and I remembered...it was a group of Freemasons that killed Joseph Smith so think of the good company you'll be in. Though don't mention that during your Temple interview okay?

Deleted comment

and semen too ... uhm
jason, can I be a free mason too?
of course you can autumn boy! Anyone can be!
why did you call me autumnboy

that's just plain weird... dont you know my real name?

of course i know your real name, autumnboy!
Well, if joining the Free Masons is all about peer pressure, and if you Jay are the one peer pressuring, count me in! There will be several things I'll have to keep in the closet, though. They might be like ..."well, I like everyone but that Keith kid; he seems a little queer to me."