Jay (jaywright) wrote,

I am so an automechanic

Is there anything that I can't do? Today I was able, after some strenuous work, to rotate my tires on my own. It only took me like an hour too.. and I think that is pretty good (using the damn jack and spare that come with the car). Anyways, if anyone needs their tires rotated, don't go for that autoshop shit, just come to me.

I also washed, and cleaned my car today and got the oil changed.

In other news, I am glad that, since the debates, john kerry has a better chance at getting dumb shit out of office. I was actually excited while watching the debates... something that joh kerry has rarely inspired me to be, but I am starting to have more faith in the guy. So, i guess we will just see. I honestly think though that if americans elect george bush after seeing his pitiful attempt at a debate, then we are the most retarted country in the world. The guy can't even come up with an original fucking thought during a DEBATE!! My god! What the hell is wrong with you people, please dont re-elect his dumb ass. I heard on some news channel that it is a race between the "believer" and the "thinker." Honestly, who would want to be called a believer over a thinker, and who would vote for that shit. PLEASE, how pathetic

love jay
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