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now that I have been updating my live journal so much lately, I feel, once again, that i must continue to update even when I have nothing to say. right now I am sitting in a coffee shop (the only good one) in Casper, WY. I'm wearing my anti bush t shirt and drinking a latte. I love my anti bush t shirt because it lets me know who is cool enough to be my friend and who isn't: those that are cool enough talk to me, and those who are lame give me dirty looks.

Anyways, in other news gOd hates Florida for what they did to this country four years ago by allowing dick-ass to be president. This is evident because god and jesus keep taking out their aggression on florida by continually sending hurricanes there and killing lots of people. Hopefully enough floridians die before the elections that bush wont win. hah fuck them
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Funniest comment ever about Florida! EVAR!! Congrats about the job in Wyoming!
Thanks darth! I love you!
Jay that was awesome...
thank you
Karma plays itself in interesting ways. It's true.