Jay (jaywright) wrote,

You are surrounded by morons

Libertarianism could never work--Anarchy could definitely never work. I have thought this many times before, but never more than in the last couple of weeks. If there are literally 59 million people in this country that are so stupid as to vote for and support a complete retard like BUSH, then this tells me that our society will NEVER be intelligent enough for any type of self-governance. We will ALWAYS need people to tell us what and what not to do, and we will always need to be told what is right and what is wrong. I think that the ultimate goal of any system of governance is eventually some form of self-governance. But now I can see in a very large way why this goal can never be achieved. The people of this country can never be trusted to make our own decisions. We can't even make a simple choice between a monkey and a human for president, so why would we ever be able to expect businesses and people to make wise decisions in their everyday lives without being told first what that decision should be. We are a bunch of god damned morons, and we continually get worse.
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